Mind Body Eating Coach

Certified Health Coach
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Why work with a Mind Body Eating Coach?

98 % of diets fail

  • The majority of diets are not sustainable long term 

  • Punishing exercise and food restriction are a problem, not a solution

Mind Body Eating: A novel approach

  • Using Mind Body Eating techniques we will collaborate to understand how your thoughts, feelings, stress levels, and habits impact your health

  • Together we will devise a roadmap that outlines the path to your personal health goals


  • Say goodbye to dieting forever

  • Gain ease and pleasure around food and eating

  • Acquire life long skills to uncover your personal body wisdom at any stage of life

The Basics of Mind Body Eating

Learn how to eat

  • Slow down with food to regain your natural ability to regulate appetite
  • Become aware when eating
  • Gain pleasure from food
  • Use optimal meal timing to your advantage

Learn what to eat

  • Understand the importance of food quality
  • Use macronutrient balance to your advantage
  • Access your own body wisdom to discover foods that heal

Reduce stress

  • Manage stress with simple relaxation techniques
  • Learn to quiet negative thoughts about food and body

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Certified Yoga Instructor

Incorporate movement you love

Use yoga to strengthen your mind body connection

New to yoga?

Gain confidence by learning yoga basics with a 1:1 private lesson

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Now is the right time

Are you ready to make an investment in yourself?

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