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My background

I have worked as a research scientist for  nearly 20 years.  I use analytical skills that I have gained as a scientist to see what other people miss. Through persistence and   

perseverance we will get to the bottom of your eating challenge and discover together a path to freedom from worry about food and diet. 

My path

I was a chubby kid.  In high school I joined the swim team and learned how to regulate my weight with exercise.  This worked until I had kids.  After that I tried all sorts of diets (low fat, low carb, vegan).  I finally have reached a place where I am comfortable with food and don't fear that I will gain weight every time that I eat. I constantly experiment to see what foods work for me and make me feel good. There is no one "perfect diet" for everyone.  Let's discover together the path you your own personal body wisdom. 

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