"Truly I am so happy you are doing this! 

I want to give a shout out to Mary and recommend her as Certified Health Coach.  I am so glad she followed her dream to become one! 

I have a super busy and stressful life and I needed help taking care of me and getting my emotional eating under control.  I have always struggled with eating too much, thank goodness I usually choose good whole foods. So it was more the mindset and portion control Mary is helping me with.  Slowing down my eating to let my body know it was getting food and a multitude of suggestions and coaching to help with those pesky thoughts that were undermining me by adding unnecessary stress.  I am not where I want to be, but I am making progress and Mary is helping me every step of the way.  

I highly recommend getting in touch with Mary as she will help you handle your challenges with grace, awesome guidance and lots of knowledge of both food and psychology.

With appreciation,


"Mary was instrumental in putting an end to my after work stress eating. Since working with her I have come to respect food for the fuel it is and to eat with awareness and presence. She had so much valuable information and insight for me as we worked through the things that were holding me back from being my best version of myself. Mary has been a blessing to me!"


"I had the opportunity to be coached by Mary Hall around some health and specifically, weight issues I have been struggling with for a number of years. Her passion for research and ability to ask important questions led me to think about my experiences in new ways. She was generous with resources: finding more to read and insights to gather, she shared them with me and thereby provided important guideposts on my path. It is clear that Mary cares deeply about her clients and about people's well-being. Do yourself a favor and schedule with her right now!"